Perfect Holiday Hostess Gift

hostess holiday gift custom trays and coasters

The Hostess Gift: fresh holiday gift giving

I  continue to get rave reviews when I show up at any gathering with custom coasters and tray in tow.  A party hosted by a good friend splurge a bit more and add a good bottle of  booze or wine. Want to give a unique hostess gift but not break the bank order a personalized tea towel who doesn’t need those.  Package personalized coasters in cellophane with ribbon – DONE.

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Custom trays make a wonderful wedding gift + journal + cash

 Fantastic Wedding Gift Ideas

I try and find out the colors of the new couples patio or kitchen, but if not I pick a very neutral gray color pattern, add a journal,  write a short non-serious  personal note on the first page + cash. Perfect Wedding Gift!

Order the olive pick tray, add martini glasses or any drink stuff + cash and you are good to go.

Gifts that are put to good use right way.

Olive Tray Serving Tray - Wedding GiftsSeaHorse Custom Serving Tray

DIY Save the Date Ideas

In honor of National Proposal day, here’s a few DIY save the date ideas to get your guests excited about your upcoming wedding.weathervaneloveSTD

  • Rustic chic is all the rage, and our Weathervane Love design combines elegant typography with woodgrain and gingham touches for just the right amount of country charm, and we’ll round the corners for free.
  • Our pearlescent paper shimmers like the warm afternoon sun.
  • Contrast it with a kraft envelope for a homespun feel.
  • Run a gold metallic marker down the flap edge for added sparkle. A custom embosser creates a unique dimensional signature, and can carry your theme from table runners to cocktail napkins with quiet  sophistication.

How to Make Birthdays a Bit Extra Special at Any Age

Growing up birthday’s were pretty darn special to me.  This was way before Martha Stewart and like wise super crafty and foodies got hold of it. It was just family at the Earl house.

Grandmas, aunts and uncles always came over for dinner. My mom would cook a killer meal, bake an awesome cake from scratch and gave me a nice but fairly sensible present ( clothes that I needed).  We had a Red Plate that said ” You Are Special” on it. I can remember many birthdays walking in the house after figure skating practice and seeing the dining room table set with the Red Plate at the head of table and a gaggle of female relatives laughing in the background.

Start your own tradition and serve the birthday cake or pie on a personalized tray. Heck he/she can even eat dinner on it.

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Happy Birthday!

Cindy ( Earl) Coughlin